Not All CBD is Created Equal

As a CBD supplier in the UK, we have seen the vast amounts of CBD retailers online and on the high street. Some of these products are great, some less so. One of our main objectives is to help clean up the industry and give our customers clarity on what they are putting in their body, as not all CBD is created equally. Take a look below on what to look out for.

The CBD industry

The CBD movement is in its infancy, and usually in rapidly growing industries like this, government regulation is slow to catch up. This allows suppliers to avoid  regulation or stick to any kind of rules when putting their product to market.

As with anything you put inside or on your body – you should make 100% sure that these products are legit and not going to do you any long-term damage. However, the feedback we often get is not knowing where to start.

We have put together a handy guide on the key things to look for when you are buying your CBD to make sure what you are getting is the real deal.


The first tell tale sign of a low quality CBD supplier is cost. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Some companies try to use total amount of oil to trick you into thinking they are getting good value for money, however more often than not the actual CBD quantity isn’t enough to have any kind of effect on the human body.

As the industry develops, the cost of sourcing and producing CBD will fall – however we are seeing that as a general rule:

500mg of CBD should cost in the region of £40

1,000mg of CBD should cost in the region of £70

3rd Party Testing

The next most important thing to check before you buy is 3rd party testing. You should be looking for 3 main things:

  • The amount (in mg) of CBD is what the brand / company is claiming it is
  • The CBD doesn’t contain any pesticides or heavy metals
  • The test was carried out by an accredited laboratory (ideally accredited by the ISO) and is within 12 months old

If the company does not do any testing – do not trust them and ask as many questions about the above as you can before you buy.

THC Levels

The next thing to look for is assurances that the product contains less than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis which gets you high. CBD should not contain above 0.2% in the UK. This can also be checked within the 3rd party report to back up any claims that the supplier is promoting.

Location of Production

Cannabis and Hemp by very nature are actually ‘weeds’ – meaning they can grow in very harsh conditions and sucks up anything from the soil it grows in. We source cannabis that doesn't contain pesticides and is grown within the EU. The CBD we use is then produced in the UK.

That isn’t to say hemp or cannabis grown outside of the EU is bad, however sometimes there are different regulations and quality checks – so this is just something to be mindful of and ask about if you have any doubts.

Check the Website / Label

As a business, we want to educate and share our experiences on CBD to help people understand how it can benefit them. We want to make sure that we are answering your questions and making this new industry as user friendly as possible – that includes the branding, packaging and website.

If you can’t contact the people you are buying CBD from to ask any of the questions above, then you should be wary.

If you have any other questions (even if you aren’t buying from us) we are more than happy to answer them – please get in touch on our contact page.

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